Project registration / Defense

To support its partners in competitions, Eurolan gives the opportunity system integrators to use the “Project Defense” procedure, where the main goal is the Partner’s business interests protection and providing certain preferences.

The completeness of the presented project data, the proposed purchase volume, as well as the balance in product lines, are taken into account during the project registration, as well as taking decision about granting any extra possibilities to the Partner. 

The project deliveries are those which specify the list of equipment for Permanent Link building and on the basis of which it could be judged about the prepared complex SCS project.

What shall the Partner do to defend the Project:
1. Fill the registration form, download fron this page.
2. Prepare the detailed specification as a table including the equipment list. 
3. Send the registry form and the specification to:

Eurolan’s reply will cover the application results and provide the opportunity to enter the competition for this project with advantage and support by Eurolan.