Now we have developed center plates for the Exxact and Plus / RS series. This enables you to easily adjust all Eurolance keystone for these equipment series. 
You only need to supplement with the required outer frame.
For external mounting, the socket is supplemented with requisite wallbox that suits the brand.
RAL 9010 (RS/Plus) RAL 9003 (Exxact) and halogen free (LSZH). Conforms to specifications according to RoHS.

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Eurolan RJ45 C6A Male STP termination plug for terminating on shielded solid C6A cable. Verified to 500 MHz and manage applications up to 10 Gbit and conforms to specifications according to: ISO/IEC 11801- C6A. Termination is made without special tool.

Part number: 13A-EA-03SL
E-number: 5140278

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The Best Western Grow Hotel opens in November 2018 and is a four-star, modern and sustainable hotel located on the border between Solna and Sundbyberg. Great emphasis has been placed on design and smart digital solutions. Eitech has received all electrical contract and data / telecommunications on behalf of Forsen Projekt and has chosen to install Eurolan's screened C6A solution for a future-proof 10Gb transmission. The network is delivered with Eurolan's 25-year system warranty that meets all PoE standards and segregation class D.

We have the solution for your datacenter! See our product range in the new catalogue!

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The success continues!
New dates for 2019!

As technology advances, the demands on the transmission rate in our data networks also increase. This also reduces the margins in the components, which imposes even higher demands on the installers regarding theoretical and practical knowledge of the products and data networks.
In order to increase the quality, secure the function and minimize costs, we therefore offer installation companies free courses in the form of certification courses where we want to provide information about Eurolan products and what it takes to install a residential or real estate network.
The certification course is primarily aimed at installers who have a basic experience from the installation of computer networks, but also to project managers, consultants, etc. who want to immerse themselves in the subject.
The courses consist of theory as well as practical exercises. During the practical exercises, for example connector of copper cable with our different types of connectors and cables, switching on and unloading boxes and panels. The theoretical part includes link classes / component standards and the difference between them, measurement and troubleshooting.

Course content:

  • General about the standards
  • Link classes and component standards
  • Building data networks
  • Installation instructions / handling copper cable
  • Product review Eurolan assortment
  • Practical product and contact exercises
  • Measurement and troubleshooting of data networks

The training is conducted in our own training facilities in Bromma with a maximum of 10 participants.
Time: approx. 2.5 hours.

If there is a larger number of participants from the same company, we will be able to complete the course at the company's address if you prefer.
Contact Katarina Ohlson for agreement on date.

Date 2019
Tuesday January 29
Tuesday February 26
Tuesday March 26

Time: 07.45 - 10.30
Location: Eurolan AB, Johannesfredsvägen 12 (Entrance B), Bromma (Stockholm) 

System Warranty
After the training, the company receives a certificate and is therefore entitled to submit certification projects via our website. As the project is approved by us and the company has obtained a plant certificate, you can leave a 25-year system guarantee to the end customer.

Fill in the form below to register for any of the course events.

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19" patchpanel 48xKeystone

If there´s not enough room in the rack you can use our 19” patchpanel 48 port with Eurolan keystone footprint at only 1U.
The panel is built in black painted steel.
Cable striping organizer is included as well as marking for 48 ports.
Notice! Only for keystone 16B-U6-03BL and 16B-U6-03WT, since the Toolless keystones take too much place.

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Now we have these uniboot patchcord for datacenters. One cable and 2xLC connectors. Available in singlemode, multimode: OM3 and OM4.
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  • Push-Pull mechanism: easy patching even in highest-density packaging.
  • Polarity flipping without any tools
  • Tunable connectors guaranteeing high optical performance
  • Can be assembled with cables of 1.4 mm to 2.4 mm diameters
  • Horizontal sliding connectors: compatible to standard and mini LC adaptors or transceivers 
  • Equipped with an extended, rigid lever
  • Sophisticated design for an easy termination
  • Complies with IEC 61753 and IEC 61755 standards
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Eurolan Keystone C6 UTP (16B-U6-03XX) where termination is made by IDC 110 tool or Eurolan Quick tool.

Eurolan Keystone C6 UTP Toolless version (16B-U6-05XX).

Eurolan Keystone C6A STP (16B-EA-07SL-D) where termination is made by IDC 110 tool or Eurolan Quick tool.

Eurolan Keystone C6A STP Toolless version (16B-EA-04SL).

Eurolans solutions for datacenters continues to grow and now we have added DC fibre ducts.
Available in dimensions W120, W240 and W300. See the catalogue below the video.
The environmental aspect is gaining an increasing share in new construction and, consequently, the requirements for environmentally-declared equipment. Eurolan meets the requirements of the market and is in the process of assessing our products at SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen. We continuously update the page with current products. If you miss a product for a specific project, please contact Katarina ( and we may be able to expedite the process.

At the link below you will find all Eurolan products that´s been rated by SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen so far.

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