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19" patchpanel 48xKeystone

If there´s not enough room in the rack you can use our 19” patchpanel 48 port with Eurolan keystone footprint at only 1U.
The panel is built in black painted steel.
Cable striping organizer is included as well as marking for 48 ports.
Notice! Only for keystone 16B-U6-03BL and 16B-U6-03WT, since the Toolless keystones take too much place.

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Now we have these uniboot patchcord for datacenters. One cable and 2xLC connectors. Available in singlemode, multimode: OM3 and OM4.
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  • Push-Pull mechanism: easy patching even in highest-density packaging.
  • Polarity flipping without any tools
  • Tunable connectors guaranteeing high optical performance
  • Can be assembled with cables of 1.4 mm to 2.4 mm diameters
  • Horizontal sliding connectors: compatible to standard and mini LC adaptors or transceivers 
  • Equipped with an extended, rigid lever
  • Sophisticated design for an easy termination
  • Complies with IEC 61753 and IEC 61755 standards
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